ENVOLV strives to develop enhanced human centred designs for our products. Our philosophy is to build the finest conceivable products and designs that outsmart comparable products in the global market.

We aim to offer innovative product portfolio to facilitate establishment of better standards of technology.

Our product range features multi-technology and multi-disciplinary expertise. We specialize in products meeting stringent quality of global standards. To ensure appropriate and optimum usage of the cutting-edge technology, we have qualified, skilled and trained manpower to provide the essential sales, service and technical support.


Healthcare being one of the fastest growing industries in the world is looking at products with high end technological innovations. Our aim is to build state of the art products enabling more affordab... see more

Energy & Industrial

Energy conservation and environmental protection has led to major developments and innovations in this arena. Here, ENVOLV will be a niche player with an aim to provide highly versatile and eco-friend... see more

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics components & solutions is a major building block in today’s telecommunication, CATV, Datacom, FTTx, Defence and Life Science infrastructure. The modern communication technology requires... see more

Latching Relay

envo-REL latching relays are manufactured under a License and Technical partnership with REL Developments, Cambridge, UK. Latching relays have a range of applications in Smart Metering, EV Chargers, B... see more