High Power EYDFA

High Power EYDFA

High power EYDFA based on double clad Erbium Ytterbium Co-doped fiber gives high output power up to +34dBm. Using cladding pumped high power pump lasers, device ensures stable output power over the operating range 1530-1565nm. This product supports multiple output ports and offers high output power at each port. It supports over three modes of operation by switching through a command line interface. Device management and monitoring is ensured over SNMP for different performance parameters such as input power, output power, pump laser current, pump laser temperature etc.

Device is featured with built –in optical switch options for optical redundancy. Have different models with AC and DC power supply options.


  • High output power up to 34dBm
  • Wide input dynamic range
  • Low noise figure
  • Supports AGC, APC and ACC modes
  • Control and Monitor with RS232 and SNMP
  • Either 230VAC or -48VDC power supply
  • Built in optical switch options


  • FTTX
  • CATV Networks


  Parameter Values Remarks
Optical specs Operating Wavelength(nm) 1530-1565nm  
Input power(dBm) -10 to +10  
Number of output ports Up to 32  
Min. Output power per port (dBm) 16  
Port to port power variation(dB) ±0.5  
Noise figure(dB) 5.5 at 0 dBm input
Polarization mode dispersion(ps) 0.3  
Pump power leakage(dBm) -30 at 0 dBm input
Return loss(dB) 50  
Optical connector SC/APC Automatic shutter type
Built-in switch Optional  
General specs Control Mode APC,AGC and ACC  
SNMP network management interface RJ45  
Local communication Interface RS232  
Power supply 90-260VAC 50-60Hz, -48VDC optional
Power consumption(W) 167 Maximum
Operating temperature( 0C) 0 to 50  
Storage temperature(0C -40 to 85  
Operating Humidity(%RH) 5 to 95 Non-condensing
Dimensions 1U 19” Rack mount type


Front panel of EYDFA provides an LCD panel for displaying the output power, laser current etc. It also has LED indications, ON/OFF key for laser , RS 232 interface as well as RJ-45 port for SNMP-based device monitoring . Optical adaptors for input and output are on the rear panel.