Plastic Optical Fiber Cable Assembly

Plastic Optical Fiber Cable Assembly

Plastic Optical Fiber Cable assemblies (POF) are used for transportation, aerospace and communication industries.

Polymer (or plastic) optical fibres which provide extremely easy and cost-effective connections compared to other standard glass fibres, are sufficiently flexible to withstand a large strain of several tens of percent .Therefore, despite their higher loss compared to that of silica glass fibres, POFs have been utilized in medium-range communication applications such as home networks and automobiles as well as in high-strain monitoring applications. In polymer optical fibres, both fibre core and cladding are made of polymers. key advantages of polymer optical fibers are high flexibility ( high alternate bending resistance with smaller bending radios) as well as low cost solution in connecting and transmission technology in comparison with glass optical fibres.

Key Features

  • Physical resiliency than glass optical fibers
  • Cost effective and easy connection
  • POF has significant advantages for some sensing applications, including high elastic strain limits, high fracture toughness, high flexibility in bending, and high sensitivity to strain.
  • Harsh environment applications
  • Applications

  • Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
  • Telecommunication switching system
  • Medical instruments
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Wind energy