Tactical Mobile Cable assemblies

Tactical Mobile Cable assemblies

Military grade ruggedized expanded beam connector is for military and industrial applications & It has inter matablity to MIL-DTL -83526 connectors. Expanded beam technology expands and collimates the optical signal through the connector interface path, resulting in a diameter many times the original beam. The optical beam is then refocused into the core of the receiving fibre. The larger beam diameter makes it more tolerant to the presence of dust or debris. Because the lenses do not physically touch there is no wear on the termini allowing the connector to be mated and demated thousands of times without affecting optical performance.


  • Complied to MIL-DTL-83526 Derived
  • Supports both singlemode ( 9/125mic) and multimode ( 50/125 mic) fibre
  • Expanded beam technology is more tolerant to dust and debris in harsh environments and easy to clean should the connectors become contaminated
  • Hermaphroditic design enables daisy-chaining of cable assemblies
  • Non-contacting optical interface allows for thousands of mating cycles
  • Field repairable: EB insert & shell parts replaceable / re-useable
  • One drum with crank tool and lock
  • One fibre optics equipped with hermaphroditics connectors and hoisting grips (steel cord with snap hook)
  • Application

  • Tactical Military Ground Systems
  • Oil & Gas Seismic Systems
  • Broadcast Systems
  • Rail and Mass Transit
  • Optical Specification

    Insertion Loss: < 1.8dB Per connector pair joint ( SM ) and < 0.7dB (MM)
    Test wavelength : 1310nm (SM) and 1300nm (MM)

    Connector Specification:

    Durability : 3000 Matings minimum
    Operating Temperature : 55°C to +85°C
    Storage Temperature : -55°C to +85°C
    Water Immersion : 15m
    Free Fall Resistance : 500 Falls from 1.2m height
    Vibration : 10-500Hz, 3 directions, 0.75mm amplitude@ 10g acceleration
    Bump : 4000 bumps @ 40g acceleration
    Crush Resistance : 6.7kN
    Corrosion Resistance : 500 Hours Salt Spray
    Connector Shell Material / Colour : Black anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel Grip & boot: Black or Olive Green

    Connector Details

    Plug Dust Cap

  • Wash the Connector and Dust Cap with water if they are covered with excessive dirt and debris.
  • Moisten the tip of a Large-Bud with Electro-wash PX or IPA and wipe the Alignment Pin, Ball Lenses and Insert Mating Face. Use only light pressure on the Ball Lenses, to avoid scratches. Use a back-and-forth or swirling motion.
  • If the Housing Threads, Dust Cap Threads, Grip Seal (Plug), Sealing Face (Bulkhead) or Sealing Face (Dust Cap) are dirty, then these should also be cleaned, with a moistened Large-Bud.
  • Moisten the tip of a Mini-Bud with Electro-wash PX or IPA and wipe the Alignment Pin Hole. Use a back-and-forth or swirling motion.
  • Upon completion of the cleaning process, blow dry with clean air to remove any remaining solvent or stray particles.
  • Inspect the Ball Lenses to make sure that there is no contamination remaining. If necessary the process will need to be repeated until the lenses are clean.